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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dagger and Fruit

Will you look at the cool dagger the best of all girlfriends brought me from India? It is made for killing horses I believe, although I kill my envelopes with it, most of the time.

See how big it is? On the photo on the left I put some bananas next to it. They were also slain with my new dagger, as were the horses of the wagon that dragged them up to my flat. And the teamster? Better not ask...

Well, okay, I admit it. I was using some weird kind of overpriced dwarf-bananas I bought. For some reason, the Swiss call it banane-pomme - I can't see what it has to do with apples. It tasted - well, like a banana. Perhaps a mite stronger than your normal, garden-variety banana, but not worth paying ten times as much - except if you want to lie about the size of your... dagger. Which is still good for slaying things with, you know. Only, it might take some time.

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