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Monday, January 21, 2008

Idiot me

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A tragedy in one act.

A secret laboratory in the deepest dungeon-level of the EPFL. Mysterious laboratory equipment blinks and hums in the background. Boris (in a white lab coat, bien sûr) and Christian (in a blue mechanics overall) are standing before a small vacuum chamber. Boris is waving his hands in the search for words (although the conversation is in French it is reproduced here in English) while Christian is looking at him in dawning comprehension.

Boris: "You see, I is having new match-box and electrodes. New. Need cooling. With water."

Christian: "Ahh, I see. And would you like me to put them on the general cooling circuit, or on the deionised water?"

Boris: Yes! Cooling!

Christian: No, I mean... The circuit you use for your generator here. You know, the one where you have to switch on the pump.

Boris: Pump?

Christian: Yes, the pump behind the lab.

Boris: I have to switch on pump? Oh. Maybe that why generator always overheats, yes?

Christian: "..."

Photo: Lac Leman, Pully.

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