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Monday, April 21, 2008

most awesomnestest fantasy novel

I have just finished "The Name of the Wind", by Patrick Rothfuss. It is the first part of a trilogy, and more than deservedly won the Quill Award for Best Fantasy of 2007.

It's awesome. I am a voracious reader, and quite unhappy if I don't read at least two novels a week. I am happy to reread my favourite novels again and again, and indeed have read "The Lord of the Rings" more than twenty times. However, it is not very often that I finish a novel, and pick it up the next day to start again.

"The Name of the Wind" is the story of Kvothe, a hero in his youth, but now a lowly innkeeper. He is cajoled to tell his story by a scribe who came to seek him out, and for the most part the book consists of Kvothes account, in a storytellers voice, interrupted by interludes in his inn, were we learn more about th scribe, and Kvothes mysterious apprentice Bast.

The quality of the writing is outstanding. However, be warned that this is the first part of a trilogy that was written as one long book, and it shows - there is no comfortably wrapped up ending. On the other hand, the other two parts have already been written, and part two is due out in November.

I consider this book also an excellent introduction to fantasy for those poor misguided souls that haven't read the genre before - although there is the danger that it will raise their expectations too high for most of the run-of-the-mill fantasy.

Go. Buy. Read.

You may offer your thanks afterwards.

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