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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There is still good in this world

About two months ago I ordered two pairs of brakepads from veloplus. They came promptly, but I didn't pay them any mind, since my old ones were still good for a couple of weeks. A few days ago a light shower presented me with the choice of a) slowly sliding downhill into the intersection or b) locking the front brake (which still worked properly) and hoping I could somehow keep the front wheel from slipping. I chose b), and lived to see another day.

During the slide to death (well at least embarrassment) I decided to offer up my old brake pads to the gods of stupid cyclists, and install the new ones, which, of course, were the wrong type. I had ordered the right type, but veloplus delivered the wrong ones. After offending the sensibilities of the gods of civilised discourse for a few minutes, I fired of a quick email to veloplus, bemoaning my fate. I did not have high hopes that they would take back my order, considering the 10 weeks that had elapsed. Imagine my surprise when not 15 minutes after I had entrusted my electronic message to the gods of the digital data transfer, a very polite Mr. Huber apologised for the mistake, and vowed to send off the right brake-pads for free!

Who knew that a business model that cares about it's customers still thrived in this day and age?
So if you live in Switzerland and feel a sudden hankering for bike-parts, consider going to veloplus, who are really double-plus-good. They also sponsored the bike-saddle I won recently.

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