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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holy cholesterol, Batman!

Yesterday I finally broke down and bought a toaster. I have been thinking about in on and off for a year - not a decision to take lightly! - especially since space in my apartment is at a premium, and not to be squandered with frivolous purchases. But then I saw a toaster on offer for 20 CHF, and pounced. This, then, is the result: the artery-clogging croque monsieur à la maison!

Made of toast, egg, cheese and bacon, of course. Unfortunately I didn't have any Camembert or Roquefort at home, so I had to do with plain, ordinary Vacherin.  To make up for it, my toaster is one of those that pinch the toast between two concave forms - as a result, none of the fat of the bacon is lost. My heart will thank me for it, I am sure.


  1. Oh, look, I think I see a vegetable! (Tomato, if you must know). See, you're coming along nicely on your path...

    I haven't read that other Invisible Man either. I'm just, er.., poorly read in general. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Well,I am not sure if ketsup has even seen a tomato, but you are the expert here ;)

    To tell the full and horrible truth, I actually ate a salad before the toast, with tomatos and lettuce and other green stuff. Only that wouldn't have fit with the theme of this post...