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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New body

I've become the victim of techno-lust induced shopping. Again. Behold, my new body (on the right):

It's the Canon EOS 500D, next to it's much older sibling, the 300D. There is nothing wrong with the 300D, it still works fine, but I recently got to play with a Nikon 90D, and it was so much nicer, with its larger LCD, snappier response, better automatic mode, wider ISO range, etc., etc. So I went to a photoshop and asked if I could play a bit with Canon's latest... and I was hooked. And it was a good thing I was...

A new camera resulted in me running around taking pictures, of course. Here is, for example, my unfortunate friend David and his daughter Imothep Mathilde

He is, incidentally, the third friend of mine who has refused to name an offspring Imothep. I really have no idea why, since it is obvious that Imothep is one of the coolest names ever, even better than Feirefiz.


  1. Although I agree that Imhotep is a supercool name, I can understand being reticent about naming one's daughter that way.

  2. Excuses, excuses. I shall name my eventual offspring Imothep Stagnation Point Flow Legradic, and he/she will be happy about it! Eventually. I think.