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Monday, January 11, 2010

Announcement: 30 days of blogging

I've been slagging in my blogging lately, so to start of 2010 on a productive note, I hereby pledge to post once per day for 30 days. Be prepared.

Picture: Coffee at the CRPP, yesterday. Brrr.


  1. That picture is a step past cool and into cold. Brr.

  2. Is that a palm tree in the picture? So confused. Good luck on your blogging streak. I managed 365+ days and it was often a pain. :)

  3. Yes, this is indeed a palm tree. Lausanne has fairly mild weather (for a certain value of mild, this is still Switzerland), and the temperature does not often dip below -5 centigrade, thanks to Lake Geneva. Consequently you can grow some hardy species of palm trees in sheltered spots, like our cafeteria. Very nice in summer, but I guess they look a bit weird in winter...

    And Robert, I stand in awe before your blogging streak - here's to hoping that I can do a tenth of that!