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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


source: wikipedia
This is the Shag.
The Shag is a bird.
It's normal for blokes to shag birds.
Sometimes blokes shag blokes,
or birds shag birds, that's okay too.
Shags even shag Shags
but neither blokes nor birds shag Shags - it's frowned upon.
You may, however, bird the Shag.
That is all.

(Inspired by a post form Relax Max)


  1. I had to read it twice before I realized "birds" were women.

    Way to early in the day over here.

    You take lovely pictures but that's an ugly bird.

  2. It quite depends on the reader being familiar with the Queens English, or rather, the English of her subjects, because I doubt Her Majesty would be caught saying 'shag' ;)

    And thanks for the compliment, but I must disavow this photo, since I nabbed it from wikipedia.