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Friday, July 30, 2010


A. has not taken the charger for the battery packs of her Nikon D80, because she knew that two packs were good for three weeks of shooting. Except those three weeks were two years ago, and lithium- ion packs age.
Nobody else had this particular model, and of cours chargers are not compatible between models, let alone between brands.

But! All these packs use basically the same 7.4 V cells, so it stood to reason that in principle, a Canon charger should have no problem charging a Nikon pack. A bit of fiddling, and lo and behold! the abomination Cankon was born:

In other news, getting up at 5 to watch sunrise at Na Trang beach: totally worth it.

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Location:Tran Phu,Nha Trang,Vietnam

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