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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More about filters

I apologize for the sudden stop in yesterday's post - I had some stuff to do once I realized that PLASUS was lying all along.

Of course, PLASUS was not lying, it was my fault all along. But then you guessed that, didn't you? Turns out that the resolution of the spectrometer I was using wasn't too great, and I did not input a confidence interval into PLASUS properly, so it did not look at the right wavelengths for the peaks.

Anyway, all that this means is that I get to play with a better spectrometer, yay me! Which brings me to the reason for yesterdays post - why it is so much fun to play with the refraction filter. You see, not only is it neat in and of itself, but it also costs about 15000 Euro. Pretty good for a device the size of your palm, innit?

You get the best toys as a physicist.

Also, a random picture from Australia.

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