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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Pöpi is the mascot of the "Fachschaft Physik", the physics student's union at the Vienna Technical University. The Fachschaft was the place where I hung around nearly my entire time from '99 to '07, when I wasn't abroad. There were dirty couches there, cheap beer, all my friends - in short, I never did see a reason for being anywhere else, including my flat. Sometimes I, you know, even studied there.

Anyway, Pöpi is a kind of Φ with eyes. And today, when I should have taken a series of measurements regarding hollow cathodes, I decided to summon Pöpi in my reactor, instead. First, everything went just peachy:

Bathed in glorious luminescence, Pöpi descended down from the heavens. He smiled upon and said unto me: Hast thou prepared that which is my due?

And I said: "Huh?"

And he said: "As per ancient contract thou shalt give that which is as thy blood!"

And then I understood, and I swallowed. "Look, Pö.. ahh, Lord Pöpi, it's like this, I was pretty thirsty earlier, and ..."

And Pöpi bellowed: "What?"

And terrible flames wreathed his countenance. He bellowed in his agony and wrath. "Thou hast drunken that which is mine? You bloody bastard! I should..."

With effort he reined in his ire, and coldly furious proceeded to pronounce my doom:

"Thy experiment shall break down, yay, even unto the third generation shall it fail in ever-increasingly peculiar ways! Es sei denn - hast no a Gamperl?"

With that Pöpi descended, enveloped in a sulfuric blaze...


  1. wow, i wasn't aware that you physicists had such a close relationship to your deity.

    and .. i didn't know you've got gamperln in lausanne ..

  2. We don't. You see my problem, now? I will never be able to assuage Pöpi's wrath...