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Thursday, June 14, 2007


I just got my first call from a telemarketer. They are not as ubiquitous in Europe as on hears of in the US - in fact, I never once got a call in Austria.

But the Swiss seem more aggressive (or are times changing? O tempora, o mores!), so some assurance-guy just called me. And I had to listen to him for nearly a whole minute, before I figured out what he wanted - the call was in French, you see. When I told him I was not interested, he predictably sped up his spiel, so I hung up on him. Which is a pity, since now I can't write an angry email to his company to complain, because I did not get it's name. Oh well, next time then.

The photo is of my new RF-electrode, whose holes are not only different-size, but also vaty in depth. But here the discharge is blazing away at 500 Watts, no quarters given, so all of them are lit. At the bottom there are some pesky parasitic discharges - I guess I will have to install some kind of dielectric screen there.

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