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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Quick and dirty iPod armband

I recently reactivated my little sisters' iPod-mini with a new battery. I like it (especially the interface, no surprise there), but it is a bit bulky to put it in your pocket. Furthermore, then you have to dig it out while hurtling down the steep streets of Lausanne on your push bike - not for the faint of heart like me.

since I am too cheap to buy some kind of overpriced remote-control or iArmband, I decided to make one myself.


*) piece of aluminium (or another rigid material)
*) strap of leather (CHF 9 at Hennes&Mauritz)
*) two pieces of Velcro I had lying around
*) super-hyper-uber strong scotch tape (we use it to tie down wild plasmoids in the lab)

I used the scotch-tape to fix the aluminium plate trice on the iPod mini: On the very top and bottom, as well between the screen and scroll-wheel. Each strip is about 1 cm wide, and together they are strong enough that I cannot move the plate by hand.

I put the leather-band on the top, and the Velcro on the bottom of the iPod. No reason why you can't use two leather-bands, or two Velcro-strips. Or an old belt you cut up. Or a piece of cloth. Or the hair of a virgin, cut by moonlight. Go crazy.

Success! When it gets colder I'll probably invest in a second leather-band, so I can put the thing on over my jacket without being ashamed of el cheapo Velcro-strip.

I mounted the iPod head down, so I can read the title of the song at a glance. It is surprisingly comfortable - I'll probably wear it in the lab as well.

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