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Friday, November 30, 2007


Yeah Baby, yeah!

I delayed taking apart PADEX because I had too much fun playing around making deposits - and thanks to my colleague Ben, who knows all about depositing, I now can avoid the pesky powder problem.

The secret is to dilute the acetylene with a bit of hydrogen: And see the result on the right! All those pretty stripes are interference patterns, indicating the changing thickness of the carbon layer. What I want is an uniform layer, i.e. fringes only at the edge of the glass-plate. In this case, the carbon is thinner in the middle, so you can see fringes there as well. This is most probably a gas flow problem, and (hopefully) has nothing to do with the design of the electrode.

La science avance, as we say here in Lausanne!

Update: Played around a bit in post-processing, so now the fringes are easier to see - colours aren't natural anymore, though!

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