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Friday, November 30, 2007

For my mother

My mother has been nagging me for ages to buy a bicycle-helmet.

Here it is.

I hope you are happy, Mum!

I don't think my girlfriend will want to be in the same building as me anymore, and let's not start talking about actual physical proximity. I'll be lucky if she even answers her phone!

Sigh. I guess I'll wear it anyway, but I will disavow any responsibility. When people point and laugh (and they will!), I'll be all: "What? What helmet? I've got a helmet? I do! Somebody must have put it there!"

Or maybe I can plead insanity?


  1. nah, mate, you got it all wrong!

    your helmet is one of those the cool dirt bike jumping guys equipage.

    you are too cool for school!

    (that is, if your bike is fitting the picture, i.e. is a dirt bike, and you are wearing some joint protectors as well; lets not forget the torn and dirty clothes plus the scars all over your body from countless mishaps and operations...)

  2. Uh - I got the scars, check. Dirt bike... well, my bike IS dirty - check. Dirty clothes *sniff*, check. Torn clothes... does a hole in the sock count? Provisionally, check. Joint protectors? What the fuck? Dude, I roll my joints fresh for consumption, I need no joint protectors! So, three and a half out of five, do I pass?

  3. maybe as a nerdy dirt biker wannabe...

    just saw a helmet with bluetooth equip inside in the same design as yours. there you go, rich geeks are going to look practically like you do now ;O)

  4. Ohh, nerd-helmet! Maybe I need to hack up a headset for my cell in my helmet...