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Friday, June 26, 2009

Thieves, thieves!

Oh yes, the internet is full of thieves. There I was, hands in my pockets, whistling as I wandered down the back-alleys of the internet, when I came upon a small display of a corner-shop hawking inks. I was not interested in inks, but the display (or article, if you have to destroy my metaphor. Thank you very much. Read it for yourself here.) was about invisble inks, and invisble inks are spy-stuff, and spy-stuff is cool. So I had a closer look, and I saw this:

Wait a minute, I thought. I know this image! That's one of mine! Indeed, somebody had stolen my image. Filled with righteous wrath, I contacted the company behind the blog display - oh sod it, this metaphor has been ridden to the ground like an old nag in an endurance race anyway - per email. And whaddayaknow, they actually replied ("We are so sorry" - that you found us out [<-my interpretation]) and offered to take it down.

Now I don't actually want them to do that, because I am in truth a bit chuffed that somebody liked my photo enough to use it to illustrate his article,  so I only asked for attribution, with which they complied.

So. Go read about 7 Amazing Types Of Invisible Ink & How You Can Use Them, and think about my glory as a photographer. Also think on how a bit of cropping by some englishman made my mediocre photo (original here) quite a bit better.