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Monday, November 21, 2011

Drawing and painting

Two recent works I did in my drawing course:

The first is a quick sketch: the assignment was an old clown with one leg, holding an axe. I drew this without any references in about one hour, and am quite happy about it, even though I got some of the anatomy in the shoulder of my one-legged clown wrong. I do like his expression though, which is the exact level of grumpiness I was going for...

The second took me probably about 8-10 hours. The assignment was to paint a woman with child. My first try with Colorex watercolour ink, which I hate, hate, hate. It looks like watercolour, but behaves differently enough that I was fighting with it the whole time. You can tell that I started with the left leg of the woman, it is just awful.

I restricted my palette to Marine blue, turtle gray, natural sienna and Sanguine - my first time painting with a restricted palette, and I liked it very much. Last time I am using Colorex for the foreseeable future, though.