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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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A bonus-post for today:

Ducks Disregard No-Parking Zones!

Lausanne. In a shocking revelation, intrepid reporter Boris Legradic uncovered the intrinsic lawlessness of Lausanne's Duck-population. Without any regard for the numerous Yacht-owners, the duck featured in the photo blocked  the footbridge for hours. And it seems that this is not his first transgression.

"Aye, I've seen him sittin' here before" says Monsieur A. (75), a reliable witness of impeccable reputation. "It all started a couple years ago, with all them foreign ducks coming to our shores, false-parking and all!"

Is this really an immigration related phenomena, or are native Lausanoise ducks to blame as well? A quick survey of the yacht-club, conducted by this reporter, showed an appreciable number of ducks, with about one in ten foreign. But none of them were false-parking. Is this maybe one lone, vile criminal, flaunting the law in the face of Lausanne's overworked police? Or is this duck misunderstood, maybe bullied by it's peers, seeking refuge in the only place it has left - outside the law, in a no-parking zone?

When asked, the duck had no comment.

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  1. Maybe I can bring some light into this dark mistery. The duck is definitely catched in a small legal gap between international aviation law and Swiss marine law (~equal to good ol' club-law). A duck is normally registered as a none-engined and international air vehicle. Since the duck on your photo meets SDASR requirements(standard duck aviation size requirements) landing permit has probably be granted. Obviously te duck now is waiting for a starting allowance. In Swiss teritorry this should be nearly impossible since the duck is obviously not routinely maintained!