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Friday, March 23, 2007

Nasty Buggers

For today's blarticle I dug around in my photo-archives, and found yon image of a Possum.

Possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) are nasty little buggers.

Point in case, about 2 seconds after the above picture was taken, the nasty little bugger bit me in my finger. With extreme prejudice, I might add.

Also, when I was staying in Canberra last year, the bastards liked to sit right outside my window and... well, you have to hear it to believe it, so without further ado, the mating call of the nasty little bugger, or Common Brushtail Possum:

Link to file 'cause I can't upload files to Blogspot

They like to do this at about three in the morning, and can (and will!) keep it up until you decide to get up.


  1. I might add "cute" nasty buggers!

    A colleague from Wollongong University told the following tale:
    He was building a wall in his back yard, though the reason for this venture I forgot or there was none..? Anyway he was doing a hard days work, sweating and panting and all, when the resident possum decided to show up. First it would sit upon the almost finished wall, look at him with its cute big brown eyes. And then the possum peed on it and departed swiftly.

    What a statement!

  2. Ha, of course they are cute! Thats their whole game! When I was taking this picture, I was already well on my way of understanding the nature of and thus hating the little buggers. Then I reached out with my hand (to have something to compare it's size to), it grabbed my finger and I thought, "how cute!". Then it bit me.

    Nasty little bugger.