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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nice day

Theoretically, there is a very nice view from the CRPP over Lac Léman (= Lake Geneva) to the mountains beyond. Not from my window, alas! (closely related to the French hélas by the way, form Old French ha and las , meaning ah and unfortunate respectively) my vista only encompasses a rather ugly wall. But if I take a couple of steps outside I see this (Done with Autostitch):

If, and that's a big if, there is no fog. It seems that in springtime, Lausanne and indeed all of the shore of Lac Léman experience the meteorological phenomenon that is fog. When the warm air meets the cold water of the lake, visibility drops and I can't take nice pictures, even though I bike along the shore of Lac Léman at an insanely early time each morning. But yesterday several things coincided, namely 1) The sun came out, 2) I had my camera with me 3), there was no fog and 4) I stepped outside in the evening, which enhances the probability of 3) immensely. Hence the above photo.

Also, here is a swan that was too slow to escape my lightning-fast reflexes (and my beloved SLR camera).

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