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Friday, April 27, 2007


Fondue à l'ail des ours - heaven.

First some kind of wierd but good plum-wine, then a bit of viande sechée, and then...

The only problem is that you can't speak French very well yet, so you don't have much to say. Just listening and understanding what three native speakers say to each other strains your abilities (and your concentration) to the limits. There is nothing left to formulate sentences with, so you don't. It just so happens that this means you have more time to eat. And eat. And in the end you have to mobilize your last reserves to manage the best part: eating the cheese-crust on the bottom of the pot.

But you do your best, and thankfully nobody insists on desert. Even the cappuccino you order by reflex was a mistake, you should have got yourself an espresso, it takes up so much less space! Thankfully the restaurant was on top of the Mont Lausanne, so you can let gravity do it's thing and roll down-town.

As you accelerate into the gravity-well, you can't help to think that this must be what switherland is all about: High mountains and heavy cheese. It all fits together!

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