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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Internet in Lausanne

It's been hard for me to post on weekends, since I do not have an internet connection at home. There is a unsecured network, but the signal is very weak, and breaks up every couple of minutes. Which I am not too unhappy about, because if it were strong, I would probably use it and have a bad conscience all the time, because I would be stealing from somebody too clueless to secure his own network. Actually, if my hypothetical victim had a limitless broadband connection - would it be stealing? But the point is that I do not know, and it could very well be the nice grandma two doors down, with some kind of nasty 256 MB/month plan, who would go
bankrupt because of all the surcharges if I used her connection.

So generally I don't have internet at home. But today I found out that there is a free, public hot-spot at the Place St. Francoise , just one minutes walk from my place.

Plus there is a couple cafe's there, so no need to sit in the freezing rain - or in the sun squinting at my screen.

The only problem I have left is that I cannot sign in to blogspot for some reason - my guess is that the network is blocking some port I would need. But I am able to sign in to my email account, so as soon as I set up the nifty blog-by-email feature, I am set, and there will be no further days without posts!

There you go, my first post via email. It's a pity I can't label it properly, or post pictures...

Update: Another problem appeared. After about one hour of happy internet surfing, the free hot-spot kicked me out, and I couldn't connect anymore. I do not understand why and how though. I thought that it maybe limits your time, and tried to change my MAC-address to fool it, but no such luck.

Update: Grrmbl, fixed all the errors that crept into the post, added image. More posts tomorrow

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