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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Trip to Trübbach

Evil me did not publish any blarticles on either Monday nor Sunday. I can offer no excuses, but will try to make it up by a deluge (well, three) blarticles today.

On Monday I went to Trübbach, a small village near Sargans, which in turn lies at the border of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. In Sargans resides the research facility of a company I am doing research for, but it is all Sekrit and if I would tell you, I would have to hunt you down, kill you and bury your body - before being hunted down myself. So I wont.

Since it was all so sekrit, I did not take my camera. Then I spent the rest of the journey gnashing my teeth and cursing my stupidity, because the weather was awesome, the mountains around Trübbach astonishing, and the view spectacular.

ALWAYS take your camera.

Also, I could have taken a picture of Alan, who possesses the astonishing skill of going to sleep minutes after he stepped onto the train, in a most uncomfortable-looking position (slumped down, head hanging forward, I still get a headache if I think about it).

Speaking of the train, I got to ride first class (I felt so important!) for the first time in my life, paid by the university. Not much difference to second class though – the seats are wider, but so are the behinds of your neighbours...

Now I know what experiments I will be doing in the next couple of weeks – I am pretty excited about it all.

link to google maps

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