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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ode to a pressure window

O ephemerality of earthly things!

Seconds ago you withstood pressure,
About 70 kilograms worth.
Now see your face, criss-crossed with fissure,
Broken and useless you lie on the earth.

Awed and amaz'd, I gazed through you before,
Feasting my eyes on that you contained,
Now, broken, I don't need you no more,
Usefulness lost is disregard gained.

Your job was to hold
Nothing inside,
Instead you made bold,
Slipped, and died.

Now you can't hold,
anything anymore,
I'd call lie if you told
Me that you are not sore.

Sorry or not,
I don't really care
I unfeeling sot
will just get a spare.

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