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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

View from my balcony

I am now the proud owner of a bathroom, a kitchen and an empty room - and a balcony! Here is a view from my balcony. As you can guess, I just got the keys for my new apartment and am excited - next week is IKEA-time! Or the week after, when my girlfriend has finished her exam.

Although dragging stuff up to the fifth floor will be a hassle (there is a lift, but it is too small to fit in a couch), the balcony makes up for it. Mustn't forget the balcony. Pierre le lierre (an ivy) and Chloë la Chlorophytum (she insists on her full name, Chlorophytum comosum with strangers) will get plenty of friends.

Also, you can see a small piece of Lac Leman from my balcony (on the right)!

Awesome, innit?

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