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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


That's my improvised bookshelf, which I won't need any longer. Today was a "vente de mobilier" at the EPFL, where they sell old furniture. I got me four chairs, a desk, a small couch-table and two hip-high shelves for ...

... 75 CHF. I feel so thrifty now! Tomorrow my collegue Ben, his big car and myself will transport all that stuff to the flat, so there might be photos. I nearly got a huge cupboard as well, but it was solid wood and not easily (if at all) taken apart, so I left it there for lack of lorry. Sigh.

Also, Võ-Vietnam training today was crazy, and I can barely manage to type. Come to think of it, I will dispense with eating and go to bed.

Good night!


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  2. Sure carol, I will just hop on over the Atlantic ocean, grab a couple of pieces of "Quality furniture at affordable prices", tie them together in a raft and thus even save money for the return ticket! Brilliant plan!

    Anyway, welcome to my first (and last) spam-comment. The next will be deleted, unless I find them funny...