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Friday, June 15, 2007


I finally managed to melt a piece of pumping grid!

Of course, destruction is always my goal, but in this case it is important to be able to match the destruction of the bigger reactors in my small test reactor. If I can't, then there is no point in continuing, and I would have to change my design, or move to a bigger reactor.

But now I got move forward with testing. For one, I need to replace the Teflon (the white stuff in the picture on the bottom) with aluminium, because it can't stand the heat and melts before the piece that is actually supposed to be tested hasthe same kind of damage we see in a bigger reactor in my small one, so I can finished melting. Also, I have the nasty suspicion that the beautiful yellow colour in the middle picture is caused by some kind of chemiluminescence by the degrading Teflon.

Anyway, what a great way to end the week! I can't wait for Monday, when I get to destroy some more stuff! Wheeee!

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