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Monday, August 27, 2007

Ressurrection of one old ipod mini

My little sister had an old iPod mini, whose battery was thoroughly dead. (That's the deceiving little blue bastard on the right. It doesn't look dead, but it is. trust me.)

So I ordered a replacement battery, (packaging to the left) and installed it following these nice instructions.

It worked like a charm, but then I updated the firmware, 'cause iTunes told me to. Unfortunately, 1st generation iPod minis require a wall charger to finish the firmware flash. Don't ask me why. The iPod just showed me a friendly icon of the wall charger I don't have, and giggled sillily. Well, okay, it didn't (giggle, that is). I just wanted an excuse to use the adverb sillily. Which Blogger doesn't seem to recognize, even though the authority on all things English does:

Saith the Webster's 1913 dictionary:
[From Silly.]
In a silly manner; foolishly. Dryden.

Anyway, luckily there are the internets, more precisely this post from the bearisdriving blog, that showed me that the workaround is as simple as wiggling the usb connector so that the ground and +5V pins are connected and the two data pins (they are a mite shorter) are not. Easy. I should have thought of that, but didn't.

Now everything finally works, and I will have sweet music on my bike again!

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