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Friday, September 14, 2007

I live... again!

Well, that was a nasty flu, thank you very much. From Saturday to Tuesday I was lying around in a fever-haze. When I measured 39.3 centigrade Tuesday night, I decided that a visit to the doctor might be in order. You can safely deduce from this that my girlfriend is still in India, because she would have sent me to get medical help Monday morning at the latest. Well, such are the privileges of men.

Anyway, the doctor told me that my flu got infected or something (My French was close to nonexistent at this point), and gave me about a kilogram of antibiotics, nice anti-fever and anti-pain and anti-soreness drugs and gargle-thingies and tablets and stuff, and today I am well enough to type, yipee! Unfortunately not well enough to hop over to Paris as I wanted to, so instead I will be moping around in Lausanne. Therefore there will be weekend-posts this weekend.

By the way, if you really want to loose weight, I can recommend my kind of deathly infected mutant flu. Here is a complete list of what I ate from Friday evening to Wednesday evening:

*) two small baguette, à 100g
*) a pack of zwieback, 120g
*) two bowls of muesli, ca 100g.
*) one cup of cottage cheese

Not bad for five days, eh?


  1. Are. You. Completely. Nuts?

    When you are sick ask someone to go food shopping for you, get some steamy chicken soup down your throat and go see a doctor asap! *ts* *ts* *ts*
    I thought these basic rules of behaviour while being sick are quite common?! Well, you sure prove me wrong...

    Good, you got over it nevertheless!

  2. Aloha!?!
    Ist alles ok bei dir? Oder bist wieder in den Bazillen-Viren-Sumpf zurückgerutscht?

  3. Pff, basic rules of behavior do not apply to me. Also, it is my prerogative to flout them with recklessly insane actions like not going to the doctor's for a couple of days!