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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Goddammit, I should rename this blog "hypochondriac medical reports". My newest ailment: Lockjaw. And I didn't even come by it honestly (for example defending my girlfriend from rabid Swiss - I would win, of course, but one of them could clip me with an unexpected postmortem spasm), no it just happened - suddenly I can't open my mouth more than two fingers worth. Well I can, but then it hurts, also, it seems to worsen if I do.

That is something strange I have noticed with myself, by the way: Let's say it hurts to wriggle my toes for some reason (actually, it does, but that's because my friend Serge is an evil, evil man who likes to hurt hapless Austrians), what I will proceed to do is sit there obstinately and wriggle my toes. Probably in the vain hope of convincing them to stop hurting, although that presupposes that there is cognition going on. Point in case: I chewed gum yesterday for half an hour before going to bed. What the hell was I thinking? Was I even thinking? Probably not, because my jaw hurt twice as much this morning.

Consequently, tomorrow I will experience the joy that is swiss dentistry. Wish me luck.

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