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Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Toy

I have got a new toy. To celebrate my birthday, I gave myself a Nokia n800 Internet Tablet, because the true joy is in giving.

Also, I wanted something like this since trying desperately to read novels on my old Handspring Visor, which had a 160x160 4bit monochrome display. That actually worked, but it is not the joy that makes life worth living.

Contrast that to Nukie (so I have a pet name for my toy, want to make something of it?), who sports a crisp 800x480 pixel display, with about a gazillion colours. Also, Wlan, which means I can finally read porn internet sites in my bed without raising the temperature of my belly by about 10 degrees .

Also, camera. And an FM radio, which is pretty cool - I have always wondered why laptops and the like don't have integrated radios - Philips makes a chip that is only 70 square millimeters big!

The only drawback is this seriously creepy experience I had when I got it:

Fresh out of the box, I enter the details of the EPFLs Wlan. Nukie asks me for authorisation, and I begin to type in my username, which is my family name. l - e - g... and suddenly the text-predictor thing suggests: legradic. Why does Nukie know my name? How does Nukie know my name? What else does she know about me?

I put on my aluminium beanie to screen out it's brain-reading waves, just to be on the safe side...


  1. If what you say about FM chips is true, why don't iPods have them??? The bane of my existence, although living in Geneva somewhat dulls that complaint - I don't exactly miss not knowing what's going on at WRS when I have all the bounty of podcasts to explore.

    Love your blog! Very funny... I'm trying to figure out which other casual English language bloggers are out here in the Swiss blogosphere, so I came across yours and thought I'd say hello! Will promptly add you to my rss reader.

  2. Because Apple are cheap bastards, and they want you to shell out for their ipod-fm-thingy (if there is one, I never was an Apple aficionado) and because they want you to buy stuff at iTunes instead of listening to free radio...

    Thanks for the praise!