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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday cake

My love had her Birthday today, and accordingly I had to bake a cake. Originally I wanted to fabricate some three-tiered monstrosity, with chocolate frosting, pink marzipan and stuff. But due to a recent injury I had to make do with something that required only one and a half hands. This is the result:

The girlfriend likes muffins, and gingerbread, so I figured those would carry the day. And indeed they did, although they turned out a bit dry. Next time I will add some fruit - an apple maybe, or blueberries. You can never go wrong with blueberries.


  1. there's a blueeyed one!
    blueberries are dangerous indeed - you should watch Willy Wonka (Jonny Depp) for enlightenment!!
    watch out for the blueberry chewing gum...

  2. Aeh... right. Willy Wonka. Should have guessed that. Hm. Who is he again?

    It's one of those dreaded romance-movies, innit? I try to avoid those, if I can...