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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My ears are small, luddite mutant ears - they won't stand for foreign technological intrusions into their domain; to wit, I am physically incapable of wearing earbud-earphones for more than two minutes. After that, they are violently expelled - a hazard for man and animal alike.

Wearing full-blown earphones on the other hand, reduces my situational awareness to the point where I would be easy prey when riding my bike. Since being run over while (and probably because of) cheerfully singing along to Letzte Instanz does not list among my life's ambitions, dorky clip-on earbuds are the only way for me to get my rare dose of 'tunes.

Unfortunately, my last pair fell victim to the rough, rough treatment I subjected it to - stuffing it into my back-pack, fishing it out by just pulling on the cable, torturing it for conspiring with my ipod and making me listen to Shakira, etc., etc.

However, I found a new pair, with two ingenious features:

Firstly, the clip-on clip is replaced by the cable itself, which wraps around your ear, and secondly, the cable is not a shitty plastic cable, but rather braided cord-goodness promising a longer life in the wild.

Plus, they were only 20 CHF!

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