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Friday, May 2, 2008


Recently it came to my attention that I haven't hurt myself for quite some time - no broken bones, no torn tendons, not even lacerated limbs. So quick as a beaver I found the next pointy thing, which happened to be a corner of the mass-screen of my electrode, and sliced my finger good.

By the way, if you ever hurt yourself while dismounting an electrode inside a plasma chamber, and they ask you about it in the hospital afterwards, lie. If you say you hurt yourself while working inside your reactor, they will get all excited, and then you will have to explain in your halting French that it was not a nuclear reactor, and there wasn't any toxic stuff inside either.

So I got three stitches, and now know that if you have to slice your finger open, it is good to do it on the top-side, because there the tendons lie much deeper and closer to the bone. Always good to know, that.

The horrific swelling on my knuckles is due to the liters of anaesthetic they injected me. Horrible stuff, I was tempted to ask them to do without, but didn't, because I am much less manly than I like to make out.

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