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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stupid Motorola

I have this Motorola KRZR phone, which I hate. I mean, it works well enough as a phone, but the menu structure is ridiculous, the camera is crappy and the phone software is so awful I wouldn't use the camera anyway, because downloading your pictures to the computer is complicated and buggy.

Also, despite having an USB plug, it won't charge off a PC without some Motorola drivers being installed. Why? Because Motorola hates me, thats why.

The last couple of days those drivers suddenly stopped working, spouting something about "fatal" errors. Now I like the association of fatal and Motorola, but of course the KRZR is more insidious: As soon as the battery gets low, it emits a very loud beep every ten minutes. For hours. Why? Because Motorola hates me, thats why.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, but no luck. Why? Because Motorola hates me, thats why.

But yesterday I finally found the solution on "The Digital Voice" blog: Go to c:/windows/system32/drivers and delete the file wdf01000.sys. Why? Because Motorola hates me, thats why. Also, because then it works.


  1. did you found out why motorolaphones won't accept power without drivers?

  2. Yes, because Motorola are a bunch of incompetent nitwits - which is why the company is going under. I am glad to be rid of the KRZR, and am enjoying my iPhone immensely!