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Saturday, June 28, 2008

YAWN (Yet Another Wimpy Injury)

It's been a long time since I hurt myself: T'was the VI Nones of May when I unsuccessfully tried to amputate my right stinky finger. So this month I pulled the tendons of my big toe whilst trying to pull off a citadel-block during combat in Võ Vietnam.

That is one thing I really like in Võ Vietnam: all the techniques have a poetic name. One kick is called "The horse rushes through the prairie", another one "Lashing the calves". The reason is that originally techniques were taught via poem: Your master would give you a poem, and then leave you alone for a couple of months while you tried to figure out how to translate the stances into movements on your own. Once he was satisfied with the results, he'd teach you the next one...

So my newest injury is no big deal, only our 2-week summer training camp is in three weeks. I probably will be able to participate, but I will have to take care, since injured tendons take up to six weeks to heal completely. Drat.

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