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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Continuing the theme about the blithering idiots that call themselves football fans, let us today examine the idiocy that is doubleflagging. Doubleflagging is a word I have just invented, (no hit's in Google), so I get to use the "words"-tag  that I have sadly neglected.

Anyway, double flagging is defined as:

The practice of simultaneously displaying the flags of two different nations in the context of an international competition. Source: http://borislegradic.blogspot.com/2008/07/Doubleflagging

Let us examine the example shown in the photograph above. The owner of the car is clearly a fan of the German team. He could also be simultaneously be a fan of the Swiss team - which would lead to rather schizophrenic moments should said teams ever play each other - or he is a mealy-mouthed coward.

Because you never see (in Switzerland) a car sporting, say, the German and the Russian flag. Or the Italian and the Dutch flag. No, it is always Swiss and one other.

And the reason for this is that the people who are doubleflagging are saying: "Yay (flag displayed) for the win!". But then they remember, that they are not actually in their home country! The horror! What if somebody takes offense? Or worse (if they have Swiss citizenship), what if they get mistaken for a foreigner? So they quickly put up a Swiss flag, as well. Phew! Close one!

Only, what they are now saying is: "Yay, (flag displayed) for the win! But I am Swiss, you know! Switzerland is cool too! Both are cool! I hope both of them win! I am not a foreigner..."

You know, If you have to destroy the aerodynamic shape of your car with a stupid flag, at least grow a pair and stand to your choice. Doubleflagging just exposes you as the recreant you are.

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  1. Dear Boris,

    I'll have you know, that with each post of yours that appears with alarming regularity in my feed reader, my heart sinks a little deeper into my shoes, quaking at the prospect of trying to keep up with you (and then quitting entirely, hence the long silence). This post, for instance - what genius! You have actually created a word worthy of being included in the dictionary, and which will no doubt soon enter the more popular lexicons, causing you to rake in bags and bags of francs. I shall make a few tentative first steps, perhaps copying your style of blogging, which seems so much more casual and easy to get into - a couple of words here, some photos there... we'll see how it goes. Frankly, the prospect is terrifying.