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Friday, August 8, 2008

Star Wars Poetry

The nice thing at deviantart is that you can give and receive comments, of course. Now most of the interaction that takes place are fairly inane "awesome!" comments. So I decided that I would leave little poems when I liked a picture. So far I've written about twenty, here is one about ~jarwarstudios' Sith Hunter:

It began, sighed Boba Fett,
as a bet.
There was this bar,
I was upset,
so I drank,
as to forget.
There was this guy,
black as jet,
I said I'd hit
any target.
He asked me,
voice'd velvet
what I would,
as wager set.
"I don't care,
my little pet,
I will win,
don't be upset!"
So I brag'd,
to my regret,
"I'll bet my balls,
do not sweat!"
So that guy,
a silhouette,
turned out a sith,
and did collect.
Which is why,
I have this set,
this pair of breasts,
and speak falsett'
But 'lest you laugh,
do not forget,
the best Bounty Hunter yet,
is now and ever
Bobette Fett!

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