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Monday, November 10, 2008

Back from Paris

Visited A&A in Paris - my supervisors from back when I did my master's thesis in Canberra. Had an excellent time catching up, except when I got all moody because I still miss my ex.

Apart from a bit of self pity it was really cool though. In Paris it's the month of the Photo right now, so we went and visited a number of small galleries in the quartier Marais. I didn't know that you can ask for (and apparently also get) 4000 Euro for a photo!

 Also I had much fun with the twin daughters of A&A: Here one of them gets fed by yours truly in the Tuileries. She looks a bit disgruntled - probably because I was too busy looking into the camera to aim properly.

Next is some statues of the Louvre who were catching the evening sun - probably the reason Louis XIV put them there - magnificent!

Lastly an amazing Didgeridoo-playeress (Didgeridooess? Digeridess?) in front of the Centre Pomidou.

Oh, and even more lastly, here is an amazing video A&A made of their twins - they were born prematurely, weighing only about 1kg. This video (set to Radiohead) does an amazing job of communicating some of the things you would go through as a parent - it's not your typical boring "proud-parents-present-their-spawn" thing, and moreover it is only four and a half minutes long!


  1. Boris! How absolutely dashing you look in your black fedora! I've been around, laying low in the blogosphere and spending some time offline with a new romantic interest... obviously it's going quite well :) I think I might be getting rid of 'genevan vegan' though in the next few days... I want to keep a more personal blog off the tdg, maybe here on blogspot, where I can also rant about heartbreak and microwave popcorn (no relation. i think.) and i want to come up with a new name that doesn't have 'vegan' in it since I write about so many other things... but I'm not feeling quite so creative/ flush with spare time these days. I wonder why... You'll be in the loop, of course, whatever happens! Can't afford to lose my sole reader.

    How did that iPod battery hold up?

  2. Why, thank you!

    Good luck with your romantic interest, I hope he is of the right dietary persuasion?

    Anyway, tell him to let you get back to writing, I am out of the loop about what's happening in the vegan scene in Geneva!

    And a new blog name.. Viva Geneva? Gestes de Geneve? GENErates Vital Articles? I am sure you'll come up with something!

    The battery held up just fine, I'll have a follow-up post about it tomorrow.

    'Till (hopefully) soon!

  3. see! see! I am telling you! Everybody!
    A man holding a baby / small child never fails to impress women!

    Still, covering the baby part of the photo shows a handsome guy, indeed.

  4. See, now you made me blush ;)

    Your theory of baby=female attraction does seem to have merit, unfortunately it is also totally useless for me:
    When you are single, babies are hard to come by, and when you are not, you don't need them anymore. Well, as a lure for females, that is...

  5. You need not worry, obviously there are enough people around to lend you their little ones for a few hours playground time - that should do the trick ;o)

    I always wonder why men do not exploit this loop hole yet: play grounds are perfect flirt zones. Women are half bored watching their offspring, happy to have a nice little conversation, ice breakers easily found: "How old is yours?" "Sweet little thing, so alive!" etc.

    Where it is easier to chat up a woman?!?

  6. Well, there are a couple of problems with the baby-approach: First of all, you need a baby. The playground club is a jealous and suspicious one - it's members tend to react aggressively to lone single males. While they do rightly recognise aforementioned male as a predator, they totally misjudge what it lusts after: Yes, ladies, your babies are safe. Your virtue, on the other hand...
    So to blend in, you need a baby, and evidence to the contrary, those can be hard to come by.

    Then you need to be free to visit the hunting (quaintly called play-) ground at the proper time. Unfortunately, this tends to be when I have to be in the lab to destroy things, or in the pub to, well, destroy things.

    So you see, it's not that easy ;)