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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Salad and Seafood and Balsamico

Quick but good: Spaghetti di Mare.

But the real star of this yesterday's meal was the salad, more specifically the dressing. A while back, in a brief attack of insanity, I bought this bottle of aceto balsamico. It was on sale, 50 % off, and still cost about 25 francs. And it only contained 250 ml of dark, acidic goodness. "What in the world was I thinking?" I muttered (not thought, because clearly I wasn't - the question was rethorical) to myself when, back home, I put my new vinegar next to his much bigger and cheaper brother.

A couple of days ago said big bottle finally ran out, and I made myself a salad with the expensive stuff. "Holy sh..," I mumbled through the salad greens in my mouth, while stuffing them in like a half-starved cow in a lettuce field, "I make a mean dressing." And I do, only usually not that good. I put the incident off to chance, but when I made some more salad the next day, the same heavenly sensations assaulted my chile-damaged taste-buds. Which is how I found out how good balsamico can taste. Since then I have nourished myself via green leaves drenched in what can only be the black blood of mother earth. Well, with a side-order of seafood for yesterday. And I have been eyeing the expensive bottles of olive oil on the shelves of my local supermarket.

I can't wait for the next sudden attack of insanity.


  1. Where does one find such ridiculous expensive (but apparently tasty) balsamic vinegar? Globus maybe... they seem to specialize uniquely in extravagance. I have a cheap 3-franc bottle from Denner, and you're right, it's absolute swill. It's a pity balsamic doesn't seem to have any domestic uses, unlike white vinegar... I could have used some more stain remover. Perhaps I could shine my pots with it; I'll give it a shot.

  2. Suprisingly, I found it at Migros. They had this expensive-Italian-stuff thing going on a few weeks back.

    I am not too sure if "shine" is the right word for cleaning pots with balsamic vinegar ;) Save it for the summer months, and clean your windows with it - instant sun shade!