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Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun with Chiles

Receipe for hot & spicy fun:

Take some chilli con carne or a similar dish. Season very mildly, explain to your friends that you "can't season it properly because you are a bunch of sissies". Put a glass of whole, dried chiles on the table, for "those who want some real flavour." Serve, and watch carefully as people use their fingers to crush the dried chiles. Then tell everybody to "take care not to touch their eyes now, because it $%&^@ hurts!". This seems gnaw at ths subconcious, because not soon after somebody will touch their eyes, or pick his nose.
Lean back and enjoy the ensuing hilarity, especially when people laugh tears at the first unfortunates and then proceed to wipe those away...

For an encore tell everybody to take care when visiting the toilet...


  1. It's even more stupid when a) people have experienced it before and repeat it after telling the story and b) when 2 people laugh their asses off and wipe the tears with chili fingers away :P

    New years resolution: no chili for a year. Or remember, remember the last of December...

  2. *g* if I hadn't been there I wouldn't believe the story. I think slapstick live describes it best!