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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Die die die

Look, I admire your courage. I would hesitate to steal something from a guy who is celebrating his anniversary with his entire martial arts club. Of course, you did wait until I forgot my backpack, and grabbed the camera and iPhone that I stupidly had left in the top pocket (where I normally never leave them, because of scumbags like you), but still - you couldn't know that nobody was going to catch you in flagranti. And, as I am sure you know, every martial artist is secretly itching to know how applicable all that stuff he has learned over the years is in a real fight. But you took heart, made the plunge, and got away with your loot. Lucky you! Have fun with my iPhone - I certainly did, it was one of the best toys I have ever owned. The Casio Exilim is also a sweet little camera, even though the image stabilisation system was broken.

A word of caution though: You might want to return to the scene of the crime, for an eventual repeat performance. Who knows what else there is to grab? Resist this temptation, because if one of us Võ-Sinh (i.e. practicians of Võ Vietnam) sees you, retribution will be swift in coming, violent and prolonged.


  1. I hate losing a phone. I have insurance for just that reason, but it's such a hassle.

    I can't advocate violence, except in self or other's defense, but I can say that most burglars are aware of the risk they take which is why they target when they think they're safe. And, of course, they CAN be mistaken.

    I hope you have had the phone disconnected and hope it is readily replaced.

  2. the iphone is gay anyway!

    too bad about the cam!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your losses.

    With any luck the scum bag will get caught when they try to activate the phone.

    By the way...I do advocate violence when it comes to low life thieves. These people don't have any fear of consequences. It's never too late for a "spanking"

    As for the camera, we recently thought we had lost one of our cameras but it was the pictures we missed the most.

  4. @Stephanie: Despite my slightly incensed post, I can't advocate violence either.. as much as I'd want to ;)

    While I've trained in various martial arts for over a decade now, I've yet to be forced to use it in a serious situation (here I discount removing a couple of drunks from behind a bar, and jumping a pickpocket in the Vienna underground - neither of them fought back), and I am fine with that.

    @Armin: But it is such a nice, soothing gay...

    @Robert: I really don't know if a spanking would change such a persons world-view - but historical evidence seems to show that "harsh"punishments result in the lowest rehabilitation rates. So as satisfying it would be to "punish" a thief yourself, in the end this is not more than revenge, bad for you and bad for society. I am not advocating to turn the other cheek here, but if you do find a crime in progress and decide to step in, it is much better to subdue the perp and let the legal system do it's job.

    Of course, subdueing becomes more dangerous and difficult the more you restrain yourself - which is why police generally tell you to do nothing if no one is threatenend.