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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Role Playing Games

On Saturday I was at my very first game convention, the Orc'idee. I hadn't played RPGs for a loong time, so it was real fun to roll the dice again.

Unfortunately I did not snap any photos, since I still have no small camera, and didn't want to shlepp around my SLR. But here are a few random thoughts:

*) Gaming in French is hard. Half of the time I did not know what was going on, and after the game I was exhausted from concentrating (Yes I know. Me? Concentrating? Take it on faith.)

*) Legend of the Five Rings is an interesting game, and could be very much fun to play, but: It concentrates on diplomacy, intrigue and etiquette, not something that is easy to do in a foreign language. Also, it is set in a setting similarish to the medieval japan. I actually know a bit about that time, because I once wrote big paper in school about feudalism in japan. But... I and everybody else here in Europe knows more about the courts and customs of medieval Europe, obviously. I think playing in a setting here would be more fun, since it is easier to concentrate on the intrigue if you don't have to wrack your brain constantly for basic rules of etiquette. Just saying.

*) 10-sided dice are the underprivileged cousins of the role-playing dice family. Everybody else is a platonic solid, and they never, ever let the poor ten-siders forget that.

*) This being my first Convention: Gamer stereotypes? So true. Male-female ration 9-to-1 or worse. Obesity still en vogue. Bad social skills? Don't know - I hardly ever talk to strangers ;)


  1. Well I just tried to write you an email and it bounced, so I'll just ask here. I'm a fellow gamer and I arrived from the US a couple months ago. Got any inside tips on local gaming groups for a new Lausanne-er?

    I made a play-by-post site if you're interested in that sort of thing. http://larplbn.forumotion.net/

  2. Hey Able,

    no idea why your email bounced, boris.legradic[at]gmail.com should work just fine.
    I've since found a gaming group and mastered a few Vampire: The Masquerade sessions (and I thought gaming in French was hard!) via a colleague at the EPFL. We don't play very often though - the curse of the busy graduate student I guess.

    Other than that I don't really know of gaming groups here - depending on your knowledge of French you could check out http://aufildujeu.com/, a Swiss RPG-site. You could of course wait and go to the next Orc'idee next year - they also have game-sessions in English. Or maybe just write them an email and ask about gaming groups. Lastly, the local gaming shop Xenomorphe might have some info.

    Last but not least the Satellite (the bar at the EPFL) has it's soirées ludiques, although this is more board-games I think.

    Good luck with your search - and if you ever want to start up a gaming group, drop me a line!