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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dice holder

Excellent dice holder: A small sample box. Don't tell the lab!

I played some Vampire: The Masquerade over the weekend - again in French.Contrary to last time, I actually understood what was going on, and was not only able to participate, I also managed to crack a few jokes.

I guess the lower noise level made all the difference - we played at my labmate's friend's house. It probably helped that I had an inkling of the rules as well, and that our game master spoke clearly.

Looking forward to the next game!

ps.: Why doesn't Vampire use twelve-sided dice? I think it should.


  1. I'm a fan of 35-sided dice. :)

  2. Might be tough to find a uniform polyhedron for that, though!

  3. Da li vi imate neku vezu sa pokojnim prof dr Rudolfom Legradićem?
    Have you any connection with my late professor Rudolf Legradić
    Ante Lauc

  4. Hey Amadeus,

    I really have no idea. My father was born in Croatia, Osjek, so I guess it is possible - I'll have to ask him.