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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sure, many people would think it is a moth. More fools they, when the thing staring at them is actually a Mi-Go from the frozen wastelands of Pluto.

The blasphemies which appeared on earth, it was hinted, came from the dark planet Yuggoth, at the rim of the solar system; but this was itself merely the populous outpost of a frightful interstellar race whose ultimate source must lie far outside even the Einsteinian space-time continuum or greatest known cosmos. 

 Oh aye, it is the winged horror, the fungoid abomination which hails from the darkest abysses of Yuggoth. The cries of it's worshippers, the hideous ululations of their twisted rituals have finally advised it of Pluto's reduction in status to dwarf-planet, and it has come in answer to visit wretched retribution on all the younger races...


  1. Aw, it's cute. Gotta love a fuzzy insect.

  2. Cute. Cute! How dare you insult the unfathomable Mi-Go! Ah, but you will see, you will all see the horrible truth once the gibbering funghi from Yuggoth have you in their pityless claws... Muhahaha!

  3. Yeah, I'll start shaking any moment now.