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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Jardin Botanique, Génève. There is no entry fee, and the peacocks run around free. I'll have to return with my DSLR and the macro-lens. This was taken with my new Canon Ixus.


  1. Very Nice.
    I had one of those walk into a computer lab I was working in (long story). Their poop...stains like blueberry jam. Never did got stains out of the carpet.

    Oh yeah, they don't like being caught and they scream like crazy :)

  2. ;) Peacock in the lab - what a nightmare. Although maybe I could roast it in our plasma-torch?

  3. I know that guy, I think... saw him wandering about the garden a couple of times and still not sure why, for the life of me, he doesn't just cash in his chips and go off on a grand adventure... the gate is wide open! I guess I'll never figure out what it is that keeps him there; perhaps a fear of the unknown? Poor chap.

  4. Hey hey, look who's coming out of seclusion! Does that mean there'll be a new post by you soon?

    My guess is that Mr. Peacock stays where the food is - or where the hens are kept ;)