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Saturday, May 9, 2009


So, there is this guy, Magnus Larsson, who won the  Holcim Foundation’s Awards for Sustainable Construction. He proposed using the bacterium bacillus pasteurii to convert sand into sandstone and built a 6000 km long wall in the Sahara, to stop (or at least fight against) desertification.This is all very humanitarian, but of course Larsson and the whole Holcim foundation  have missed the point here:

Arrakis and the Shield-wall, baby!

 Clearly this technique (if it works as advertised, and I am a bit sceptical) is ment to construct a shieldwall around the sahara, so that we may raise genetically engineered sandworms there. I mean, look at Larsson's concepts:

This clearly is Arrakis. Magnus Larsson must be a proto-Fremen!

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