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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New car battery

After the latest bout of removing car battery, charging car battery, putting car battery back in I had enough, and bought a new one. It's an SLA (sealed lead acid) battery, so no more watering the battery. It holds the same charge (60 Amp-hours) as the old one, but has double the peak current, nearly 600 amps. Does that make any difference for my car? I have no idea. (This is something that fills me with dismay. I know nearly nothing about the ton of steel that carries me around from time to time. I think I will buy the repair manual for it, and do some light reading.)

Here they are, new and old, sitting next to each other:

Photo courtesy of the crappy iPhone camera. Why the iPhone camera? because I discovered Flickit, a marvelous software that takes a photo and uploads it to Flickr immideatly. Now, if, lets say, the man wants me to delete a photo, I can do so with the reassurance that it will live on on the internet, forever.

Anyway, here is my battery sitting snugly in the running car. (Note the professional anti-corrosion coating!) Afterwards I discovered that my old battery was just fine, I had only forgotten to shut off the interior light of the car. Sigh.


  1. Tja, die Batterie wäre vor knapp einer Woche schon sehr nützlich gewesen ;-)

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