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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who watches the watches?

A couple of weeks ago my trusty Fossil wrist-watch coughed and died, after more than ten years of continous use. So I shopped around a bit, and in the end decided to get a Timex e-Tide. I choose the Timex (which is a sacrilege in and of itself: How can you buy an American watch in Switzerland?) because I had two main criteria while searching for a new watch:

  • It had to be analog - I detest digital watches
  • It had to do more than just show the time -  I wanted to have a built-in compass at least.

After some searching, the only watch that came close was the Timex. Tissot has the feature-wise very nice e-Touch, which unfortunately also has an additional digital display and is therefore fugly.

Timex doesn't have a shop in Switzerland (I guess they got kicked out by an angry Swiss mob armed with watchmaker-tools and cheese), so I ordered it over Amazon.

Here it is, next to my poor, dead old Fossil:

As you can see, the Timex is quite a bit bigger. I new that from the specs, but wasn't prepared for how much bigger a mere additional half-centimeter of radius would look. Now I am unsure. I quite like the design of the Timex, and while the tide-indicator is a bit useless in Switzerland, the compass and the temperature-sensor are fine (it's always good to know an uncertain average of your body-temperature and the ambient temperature). Only - is it too big for my delicate wrist?

What do you think?


  1. 's a bit pretentious...

  2. You seem surprisingly fashion conscious. It looks fine to me, but then I wear watches for functionality.

    My husband and I wear Timex watches and have for years because we're magnetic. We kill mechanical (usually within hours) and electronic watches, (usually within weeks).

    For us, Timex lasts for years (and they are usually waterproof which is a huge plus). Although, I personally prefer digital watches.

    If it makes you feel better, a manly watch could offset your girlie backpack. :)

  3. @aniger: Yes, understated she is not, my new watch. But then - neither am I!

    @Stephanie: Well, if Timex gets the NASA-safety-engineers approval, who am I to differ?

    Are you surprised that I care (in a very limited way) about fashion, or that I show some (again, quite limited, and even this has been disputed by some people) fashion-sense?

    Thanks for the advice, you two!

  4. I have no idea, Boris. I just was surprised.

    A watch has to be functional to suit me, hence my interest in Timex which, as a general rule, has mostly that going for it.

  5. You know what they say about men with big watches...they're usually right on time.

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