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Monday, July 20, 2009

Creux du Van

In an effort to defeat the summer slump (23 days since my last post? Or is it... 23 days later? dum-du dooom!) here a few quick words about last weekend's trip.

We went to the Creux du Van, a funny semi-circular cliff near Noiraigue, Neuchâtel. If you start of at Robert's Farm, it's a short, easy three to four hour hike:

I used my iPhone to navigate and record our track, but it took me a while to notice that you can't use "Trails" in sleep mode, i.e. you have to leave the screen on. This is why coverage is a bit spotty for the first part.

The view is spectacular, but we really should have gone at six in the morning, instead in the afternoon (ha, as if that would ever happen), because in the evening most of the wall is in shadow:

(as you can see, I selected the wrong white-balance for this shot (and many others) - my credibility as a very amateurish photographer is in tatters.)

At the top, it was all bucolic alms

and frolicking cows:

Searching for the right wight balance (sigh) in the fading light:

and heading home.

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